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If you have experience and expertise in health technology assessment, join the community and support innovators to improve health and healthcare, advance methods, and earn income from completing assessments.

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Through the ASSESS Platform, experts provide a written report, an eHTA, that describes technology commercial potential, and identifies evidence requirements of regulators and payers. This serves to inform key product development decisions, and helps structure and facilitate robust discussions with investors, strengthening capital raise opportunities. It is also an effective tool for engaging advisors and healthcare professionals to support with technology trial and subsequent adoption.

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... What is The ASSESS Project?

The ASSESS Project provides early health technology assessment (eHTA) for a broad range of products in development and intended for use in health care. The ASSESS Platform connects those that are developing innovative health technologies to experts that provide an early health technology assessment (eHTA) of commercial potential, and identify the evidence requirements to bring the product to market. Experts working on the platform are vetted by the international ASSESS Project Advisory Group, that represent some of the top global leaders in the field.

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