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ASSESS supports innovators at each step of their commercialization journey

Discover how a global network of experts can support your organization to achieve key milestones, including making foundational strategic decisions, achieving investment, obtaining trial, and securing adoption.

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Your Milestones

Which milestones in your commercialization journey can ASSESS help you achieve next?

Foundational decisions determine technology commercial potential and probability of success.

ASSESS supports innovators with key insights at a time when there is opportunity to make decisions that focus R&D, commercialization, and evidence generation efforts on those that have the highest value from the perspective of the payer and end user.

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Clear articulation of the value of technology, and how it is likely to be considered by payers, strengthens investor confidence and capital raise success.

ASSESS supports innovators with early value assessment and health economic analysis to quantify the Adoption Case for technology in development, helping investors to deepen understanding of technology commercial potential, its attractiveness to payers, and its pricing power.

Life sciences technology must be prioritized for trial in health systems considering adoption, and trials must be appropriately structured to inform procurement decision-making.

ASSESS supports innovators to make the Trial Case for technology in development, helping health systems to understand the size, causes and implications of the problem technology is intended to solve, and how to properly trial it to understand technology economic impact.

Health care payers require evidence of economic value for technologies being considered for adoption.

ASSESS supports innovators to articulate the Procurement Case for market-ready technology, utilizing robust health economic modelling and analysis of trial data to quantify the value of the technology and its budget impact.

Where uncertainty remains post trial regarding real-world effectiveness, guidance can be provided on additional on-market evidence to collect to inform scale and spread decisions.

Your Questions

What key questions in your commercialization journey can ASSESS help you answer?

At each stage of the Commercialization Journey, life sciences innovators have key questions that can be answered with support of those with expertise in health technology assessment and health economics.

Why Us

First-in-World Approach

For the first time, ASSESS has created a mechanism via the ASSESS Project to enable a global network of accomplished experts to contribute to the commercialization success of innovative companies, ensuring the right skill set, experience, target market and therapeutic area knowledge is matched to the support needs of innovators.

Global leaders

A global community of leading experts assembled to support innovative companies

ASSESS has assembled an online global community of those with expertise and experience in assessing and modelling the value of new technologies, how they can integrate into complex care pathways, and the evidence required for patients to gain access to them and have them utilized by healthcare professionals.

By leveraging the ASSESS Project, we have shifted the paradigm of obtaining opinions from these professionals from the end of the product development cycle to much earlier in the process, when there is opportunity to focus resources on high value technology, and more explicitly design value for end users and payers into product and evidence development.

Global Community Thought Leaders Early Advice Focused Development
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Work together across all phases of your journey

The intent for ASSESS is to engage and to work continuously with innovators, in a longitudinal fashion, providing services and guidance from different types of expertise of the assembled community as the technology matures, as well as cost-efficient updates to previous analyses and modelling as new data from trial becomes available.

Analyses and evidence generated by the expert community is used to support communication and referral to Investor and Trial Networks as companies progress along their commercialization journey, accelerating the path to investment, trial and adoption.

  • Continuous support and guidance
  • Assessment & insights along the path to market
  • Expertise aligned to innovator stage needs
  • Communication vehicles and referrals to partner networks
Our Network

Building a worldwide partner network

We are building a worldwide network of partners that contribute to the success of innovative companies, including grant funding, investor, and trial networks that we work with to support acceleration of new technologies to market.

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